Popular Historical places to visit in Jammu

Here's a list of Popular Historical places to visit in Jammu recommended by our experts:

Bahu Fort

Bahu Fort, Jammu (left banks of River Tawi), Jammu and Kashmir, India
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Bahu Fort is among the popular sightseeing attractions of the city of Jammu, which was built by Raja Bahulochan over 3,000 years ago. The fort was later ... more

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Mubarak Mandi Palace

The Old Walled City, Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir, India
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Mubarak Mandi Palace is the royal residence of the maharadja of Jammu and Kashmir from the Dogra Dynasty. It was their main seat till 1925 when maharadja ... more

Rani Charak Mahal

Mubarak Mandi Complex, River Tawi, Jammu City, India
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Rani Charak Mahal is one of the famous historic testimonies, located on the banks of the River Tawi. A part of the Mubarak Mandi Complex, the ancient monument ... more

Amar Mahal Museum

Amar Mahal Palace, Ramnagar, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India
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Amar Mahal Museum is a popular tourist attraction, which served as the family residence of the Dogra Dynasty. The palace was built by King Raja Amar of the ... more

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Dogra Art Museum

Dogra Art Museum, Panjtirthi, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, 180001, India
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Dogra Art Museum houses 800 rare and exquisite paintings from different schools of paintings viz:Basohli, Jammu and Kangra. Gold painted bow and arrow of Shah ... more

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Ziarat Baba Buddan Shah

Ziarat Baba Buddan Shah, Jammu, India
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Ziarat Baba Buddan Shah is among the famous religious centres of the city, which is situated close to the aerodrome at Satwari. The revered site, dedicated to ... more

Ziarat Peer Mitha

Jammu Centre, Jammu City, India
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Ziarat Peer Mitha, dedicated to a saint named Ziarat, is a renowned religious site situated in Jammu. The site is popular among tourists for its twin structure ... more

Panch Peer

NH-1A, Near the Maharaja's Palace, Jammu City, India
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Panch Peer is an important religious site that is situated in the vicinity of the Palace of the Maharaja. According to popular folklore, five saints used this ... more

Peer Kho Cave Temple

Tawi River, Jammu City, Jammu and Kashmir, India
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Peer Kho Cave Temple is one of the sacred cave temples in the region, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. This temple is enshrined with the svayambhu shivalinga. ... more

Aap Shambhu Temple

Sathrian, 180001, India , Jammu
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Aap Shambhu Temple Sathrian is situated in Sathrian at Roopnagar in Jammu. This pilgrimage site represents the ancient legacy of the region. The prime ... more