Popular Museums in Bruges

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Bruges recommended by our experts:

Historic Centre Of Brugge

Historic Place in Bruges
NightlifeMust See

Brugge is an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement, which has maintained its historic fabric as this has evolved over the centuries, and where ...

Folklore Museum

Historic Place in Bruges
MuseumsHistoryMust SeeSingles

Folklore Museum, Housed in the low whitewashed houses of the former Shoemakers Guild Almshouse, the Folklore Museum aims to recreate life in Bruges in times ...

Palace Of The Liberty Of Bruges

Historic Place in Bruges
HistoryMust See

Palace of the Liberty of Bruges, This museum presents the unwritten history of Bruges. Its motto: feel your past beneath your feet. Discover the history of the ...

Our Lady Of The Pottery

Historic Place in Bruges
HistoryReligious Travel

Our Lady of the Pottery, his hospital dates back to the 13th century, when nuns took on the care of pilgrims, travellers and the sick. Over the centuries the ...

Site Oud Sint-jan

Historic Place in Bruges

Site Oud Sint-Jan, The site "Oud Sint-jan" will be the basis of all the meetings of i-SUP2012. This location is in walking distance of all the hotels, of the ...

Historium Brugge

Museum in Bruges
Must See

History Museum, Historium Brugge is an experience attraction and the perfect starting point from which to discover Bruges. The historically inspired and ...

Groeninge Museum

Museum in Bruges

Groeninge Museum, The city museum of Fine Arts', it houses a collection of artworks that span several centuries 14-20t, focusing mainly on works by painters who...

Memling In Sint-jan Hospitaal Museum

Museum in Bruges
MuseumsWeekendsHistoryMust See

Memling in Sint-Jan Hospitaal museum, The oldest part - at the front on Mariastraat, behind two church-like gable ends - has been turned into the slick ...

Salvador Dali Exhibition

Museum in Bruges
MuseumsHistoryMust See

Salvador Dali Exhibition, Admire the fantastic collection of world-famous graphic art, sculptures and drawings by the renowned Salvador DalĂ­ inside the Belfry. ...


Museum in Bruges
MuseumsHistoryMust See

Arentshuis, The Arents House Museum Museum Arentshuis is located in an attractive 18th century building in Bruges Belgium. It is home to the works of art by ...