Popular Museums in Curitiba

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Curitiba recommended by our experts:

Museu Oscar Niemeyer

Museum in Curitiba
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A great museum with some good temporary exhibitions . But what calls the attention is its architecture , design , made by the famous Oscar Niemeyer. The museum ...

Museu Do Holocausto De Curitiba

Museum in Curitiba
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Inaugurated on February 12 this year, the Holocaust Museum in Curitiba, Paraná, is the first of its kind in Brazil.His proposal is to address multiple aspects...

Ucraniano De Curitiba Museum

Museum in Curitiba
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Opened in 1995, the Ukrainian Memorial is located in Tingüi Park in Curitiba , Paraná , and was erected in tribute to the immigrant Ukrainians who ...

Paranaense Museum

Museum in Curitiba

Museu Paranaense (Paranaense Museum), which resides within the Alto Sao Francisco area, on the Rua Kellers and within the Palacio Sao Francisco, where it is ...

The Automobile Museum

Museum in Curitiba

That´s a very nice place to see a great sort of cars, like the BMW Isetta, and to understand the changes over the time. Unexpensive. Not so large place. Inside ...

Curitiba Metropolitan Art Museum

Museum in Curitiba

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is often Do affectionately known to simply the 'MUMA' and is part of the Gate Cultural Centre complex, next to other wellbeing ...

Curitiba City Photography Museum

Museum in Curitiba

Sensational place to be seen by lovers of photography. Beautiful location, amazing photos, history and culture seen under the eye of the photographer. Well ...

The Railway Museum

Museum in Curitiba

Nice little museum inside the old train station, wich was turned into a shopping mall. The old instruments, books, everything that is related to the old railway...

Other Recommendations

Botanical Garden Of Curitiba

Church in Curitiba

Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Eng. Ostoja Roguski Street, s/n°. Opens from 6AM-9PM during summertime; and from 6AM-8PM during the rest of the year. Curitiba's ...

Curitiba Memorial

Place to Visit in Curitiba

Curitiba Memorial - a space for art and folklore, information and memory, the past and the future. Built on an irregular land, the architectural project allows ...