Popular Museums in Muscat

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Muscat recommended by our experts:

Oman Oil And Gas Exhibition Centre

Museum in Muscat

Oman Oil and Gas Exhibition Centre is a museum , located on Seih Al Maleh Street, Al-Qurum, Muscat. The museum is an interactive journey exploring the ...

The Sultan's Armed Forces Museum

Museum in Muscat

The Sultan's Armed Forces Museum is a military history museum, located in the 150 year-old Bait Al Falaj Fort. The museum has an extensive collection related ...

Bayt Al Zubair

Museum in Muscat

Bait al Zubair is a museum, located near the Ministry of Information on Al Saidiya Street, Muscat Oman. It has a notable extensive collection of ancient ...

Bait Al-baranda

Museum in Muscat
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In a renovated 1930s house, this excellent museum traces the history and prehistory of Muscat through imaginative, interactive displays and exhibits. A 'cut-and...

Ghalya's Museum Of Modern Art

Museum in Muscat

Ghalya's Museum of Modern Art is an exclusive addition to the Omani cultural scene, opened in January 2011. The Old house is a group of typical Omani houses ...

Natural History Museum

Museum in Muscat

The Museum of Natural History is located in the Ministry of Heritage and Culture building in Al Khuwayr in Muscat Governorate. It is considered one of the ...

Children's Museum

Museum in Muscat
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Children's Museum, this Museum is housed in one of the two dome-shaped buildings near the Qurum Natural Park. Operated by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. ...

Omani French Museum

Museum in Muscat

The Omani French Museum has become a focal point for temporary exhibitions since 2006 with a number being organised by the French Embassy in Muscat in ...

Other Recommendations

Mystic Muscat

Things to do in Muscat

Muscat offers the visitor a unique opportunity to witness a modern centre existing in harmony with its traditional culture. With its natural harbour, Muscat, ...

National Museum

Museum in Muscat
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With displays of jewellery, costumes and dowry chests, this museum has its moments. A mural and collection of boats celebrating Oman's seafaring heritage are ...