Popular Museums in Sao Paulo

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Sao Paulo recommended by our experts:

Pinacoteca Do Estado De Sao Paulo

Museum in Sao Paulo

With uncoated brick walls and large windows incorporated into the urban framework, the Pinacoteca underwent a makeover during the government Mário Covas, and ...

Museum Of The Portuguese Language

Museum in Sao Paulo

The Portuguese Language Museum is located in the downtown area of Sao Paulo city inside Luz Train Station. Luz Train Station is an imposing 1901 English ...

Art Gallery Of The State Of Sao Paulo

Museum in Sao Paulo

Great museum, great building, great park around it, great exhibitions and events. just pay attention to your stuff if you take the subway, as the area is quite ...

Football Museum

Museum in Sao Paulo

The Football Museum is, above all, a museum about the history of Brazilian people. A museum surrounded by the mysteries of the euphoria that we all have for the...

Afro Brazil Museum

Museum in Sao Paulo

The Museu Afro Brazil, Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, highlights the African perspective in the training of heritage, identity and Brazilian culture, celebrating...

Museu De Arte Sacra De Sao Paulo

Museum in Sao Paulo

The Sacred Art Museum of São Paulo is the result of an agreement signed between the State Government and the Archdiocese of St. Paul Mitra on October 28, 1969 ...

Museum Of Immigration Of The State Of Sao Paulo

Museum in Sao Paulo

Located in Bras, a Sao Paulo neighborhood whose origin is closely associated to the arrival of Italian workers and their families in the 19th century, the ...

Other Recommendations

Sao Paulo Museum Of Art

Museum in Sao Paulo
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The Sao Paulo Museum of Art is an art museum located on Paulista Avenue in the city of Sao Paulo , Brazil .It is well known for its headquarters, a ...

Sao Paulo Museum Of Image And Sound

Museum in Sao Paulo

The São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound is a public museum of audio-visual works, established in 1970 and located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Obelisk Of Sao Paulo

Monument in Sao Paulo
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This monument is a symbol of the Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932 and the biggest monument of the city of Sao Paulo. The height of the monument is 72 ...