Popular places to have Australian food in Cardiff

Here's a list of Popular places to have Australian food in Cardiff recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Cardiff

Australian Restaurant and Nightclub.

Eastern Tiger Restaurant

Restaurant in Cardiff

F amous Eastern Tiger Restaurant. Don't let the name fool you, in addition to a sensational choice of Chinese meals, there is is a big choice of roast meats, ...

Big Fish Cafe & Grill

Cafe in Cardiff

The Big Fish Cafe & Grill offers a choice of dining options, whether the occasion is with friends for a quality espresso coffee in the morning, a business lunch...

Silver Dolphin Restaurant

Restaurant in Cardiff

This Restaurant servers choice of cuisines like Australian and Asia is amazing.The quality of the food is good and the best with all you can eat including ...

Salt & Pepper Bistro @ Cardiff Panthers

Restaurant in Cardiff

Salt & Pepper Bistro offers great lunch and dinner on specials every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The modern Australian menu is huge and filled with things ...

Other Recommendations

Tigertiger - Cardiff

Restaurant in Cardiff

The tigertiger in Cardiff, located in the centre of the city, is one stylish and chic joint. If you're at least 21 years of age, you are legally allowed to be ...

The Food Village

Restaurant in Cardiff

With a wide selection of hot and cold dishes on offer you are bound to find something to suit everyone's taste buds at the Food Village.

Vegetarian Food Studio

Restaurant in Cardiff

The award winning Vegetarian Food Studio brings you a fantastic range of vegetarian and vegan Asian dishes at even more fantastic prices. The food is 100% pure ...

The Market Place

Restaurant in Cardiff

Our restaurant is set in one of the most historic buildings in Cowbridge which exudes a timeless atmosphere. The original house was built onto the medieval town...


Restaurant in Cardiff

Grab your favorite sushi anytime at Wales' first ever conveyor-belt restaurant. Get a glimpse of all the food Zushi has to offer, as every plate makes its way ...