Popular places to have Indian food in Belo Horizonte

Here's a list of Popular places to have Indian food in Belo Horizonte recommended by our experts:


Rua Paraiba, 523 | Funcionários, Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais...
Phone: (31) 3055-3836

Maharaj was a great place in the heart of Belo where you might not expect a first class Indian restaurant. It has a nice relaxing atmosphere with very attentive...

$ 61 average cost

Buffet Bhagwan

Rua Conselheiro Lafaiete, 771 | Sagrada Família, Belo Horizonte, State...
Phone: (31) 3653-3000

Indian cuisine is among the most admired worldwide for its remarkable features. In Belo Horizonte is well represented by the restaurant in BH coordinated by ... more

$ 26 average cost


355 Francisco Sa Avenue, Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais 30410-0...
Phone: 35675200

The Namaste Indian Restaurant is located on Avenida Francisco Sá, number 355, in the Prado neighborhood in Belo Horizonte, between Lagoa Dourada and Rio Claro ... more

$ 26 average cost

Krishna Restaurant

Krishna Restaurant, Belo Horizonte

Krishna Restaurant is located in Belo Horizonte, here you enjoy Indian traditional food and restaurant is clean at all the time.

$ 20 average cost

Nascente Um Gosto De Sol

Rua Paraguai, 86 | Gloria, Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais 30310...
Phone: +55 (31) 3227-3781

Nascente um Gosto de Sol is located in Belo Horizonte Brazil, here you can enjoy vegetarian food.

Casa Cheia

Av. Augusto De Lima, 744 | Loja 167 Mercado Central, Belo Horizonte, S...
Phone: +55(31) 3274-9585

Casa Cheia is located at Mercado Central, a very special place in Belo Horizonte. The atmosphere of this restaurant is so typical and reflects the way of life ... more

Formoso Cozinha Natural

R. Ouro Fino, 452 - Cruzeiro, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30310-170, Brazil
Phone: +55 31 3889-8273

Formoso Cozinha Natural located in Belo Horizont, here you can variety of Vegetarian food and restaurant clean at everytime.

Cantina Piacenza

Rua Aimorés, 2422 - Lourdes, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30140-090, Brazil
Phone: +55 31 2515-6092

Cantina Piacenza is located in Belo Horizonte Brazil, here you will get very nice Italian food for an excellent price. They have different menus for dinner and ...

$ 20 average cost


R. Monte Siao, 43 Serra, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30240-050, Brazil
Phone: +553135477365

Housed in an old house, where the original design was fully respected the Oroboro restaurant differentiates itself by being specialized in Contemporary Kitchen ... more

$ 22 average cost

Rima Dos Sabores

Rua Esmeralda, 522 - Prado, Belo Horizonte - MG, 30411-191, Brazil
Phone: +55 31 3243-7120

Rima dos Sabores Belo Horizonte Brazil. This place is amazing an extensive beer selection that goes perfectly with the original cuisine it offers delicious food...

$ 26 average cost