Popular religious places in Sharjah

Here's a list of Popular religious places in Sharjah recommended by our experts:

King Faisal Mosque

Mosque in Sharjah
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King Faisal Mosque, Al-Ittahid Square. This magnificient mosque was a gift of the Saudi Arabian King Faisal. It was opened in 1987 and has space for 15.000 ...

Armenian Church

Church in Sharjah

Armenians in United Arab Emirates refers to ethnic Armenians living in the United Arab Emirates. They number around 2,000. The majority of the Armenians in the ...

St. Mary's Catholic Church

Church in Sharjah
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St. Mary's Church is the presence of the Holy Soonoro is a great blessing to everyone who comes to offer their prayers. Mother Mary does not abandon anyone who...

St. Martins Church

Church in Sharjah
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St Martin was the great Bishop of Tours in France in the 4th Century and was known as a man passionate for the Gospel and for the poor. We are honoured to ...

St. Michael's Catholic Church

Church in Sharjah

St. Joseph was an ordinary manual laborer although descended from the royal house of David. In the designs of Providence he was destined to become the spouse of...

St. Gregorios Orthodox Church

Church in Sharjah
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The time of elevation of St. Thomas Orthodox Church in Dubai as a Parish, a large number of its members lived in Sharjah. Their travel to Dubai for attending ...

Other Recommendations

Sharjah Union Church

Church in Sharjah

The devotion to Infant Jesus has become widespread and the Infant Jesus Shrine is now known as the place of pilgrimage, miracles and Divine solace not only in ...

Sharjah Islamic Museum

Museum in Sharjah

The Islamic Museum is an edifice to civilization, a witness to the deep Sharjah roots in the Arab and Islamic culture and an emphasis to the legacy of the title...

Sharjah Aquarium

Museum in Sharjah

The Sharjah Aquarium opened in Al Khan Old area in 2008. Covering an area of 6500m⊃2;, and consisting of two floors equipped with 20 water aquariums, each of ...