Popular Spa Experiences in Paris

Here's a list of Popular Spa Experiences in Paris recommended by our experts:

Anne Spa Sémonin To Bristol

Spa in Paris
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Anne Semonin Spa, which reopened in September. Its three tony treatment rooms (where just-off-the-Gulfstream guests went for the fabled Jet Lag Therapy, ...

George V Spa Four Seasons George V

Spa in Paris

This is a time to de-stress both mind and body with a relaxing, detoxifying or energizing massage enhances Wholeness, Purity and Radiance ritual. Natural ...

Espace Payot

Spa in Paris
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At Spafinder® Wellness, Inc., we believe that keeping well is not a luxury, but a necessity to live your fullest and best life possible. We know wellness ...

Valmont The Spa Meurice

Spa in Paris

Spa Valmont uses the most prestigious products from Swiss anti-ageing skincare specialists, Valmont. Combining the latest skincare technology with natural ...

L' Occitane Spa - 45 Minute Treatment

Spa in Paris
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Relax and enjoy a beauty treatment at L' Occitane Spa in Paris.We have designed a SPA in line with our true story, a Spa in Provence. The other Provence, the ...

Other Recommendations

Valmont Spa

Spa in Paris

Valmont Spa is equally grand and up-scale as Hôtel Meurice, in which it is located. With 20 years of experience in anti-ageing therapies and techniques, this ...

Paris International Golf Club

Golf Course in Paris

Paris International Golf Club is 500 m⊃2; impressive Club House offers to visitors top quality facilities and services for your corporate events or your private...

Paris Prive

Things to do in Paris

Paris has lots to see and plenty to do, and there are plenty people who want to do it all. If most of your travel pictures look like miniatures or have unwanted...

Ballon De Paris - Aeroparis

Things to do in Paris

Located in André-Citroën Park, le Ballon de Paris offers a unique experience while visiting the city. Gaining up to 150 meters (490 feet) in elevation during ...