Popular Thai Restaurants in Malacca

Here's a list of Popular Thai Restaurants in Malacca recommended by our experts:

Poppy Thai Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

Poppy Thai Restaurant is well-known for being hot and spicy Cuisine and for its balance of five fundamental flavors in each dish or the overall meal.

Kings & I Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

Kings & i Restaurant, Every dish is served on exquisite crockery along with fine cutlery and with tradition always in mind. Complementing our varied and ...


Restaurant in Malacca

AK 47, a home cooked Thai restaurant.It took us just a couple minutes of walks from the guest house to reach the restaurant.It is the best thai restaurant for ...

Johnny's Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

Johnny's Restaurant, The spicy and exotic dip sauce is catered for local tastes and the steamboat items are dipped in this irresistible sauce which leaves you ...

Other Recommendations

Hong Fook Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

This outlet has rapidly gained popularity as it offers a superb selection of Chinese culinary delights. Modern Chinese decor with wooden paneling dominates the ...

Restaurant Oro

Restaurant in Malacca

Restaurant Oro located in Malacca, Malaysia.Food is very Delicious& the price ist not expensive .the music is also good. We have a blend of Italian and Moroccan...

Kampachi Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

Kampachi Restaurant, Although rather new to the dining scene in Malacca, Kampachi has established a reputation for serving good Japanese cuisine. The interior ...

Sirocco Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

Sirocco Restaurant is a place which serves Italian cuisine. The restaurant has various choices of ala carte and wine. The specialty delicacies of the restaurant...

Eleven Restaurant

Restaurant in Malacca

This restaurant serves Portuguese foods that is quite nice to the palate. Service is good and servings are just nice. The menu prices are not so hefty at all.