Popular Thai Restaurants in Pokhara

Here's a list of Popular Thai Restaurants in Pokhara recommended by our experts:

Samay Restaurant

Restaurant in Pokhara

Samay is so located that you are near the hub of Pokhara City, Lakeside, yet not so much that the city noise and chaos disturbs you. Situated at the rear end of...

Krishna's Kitchen

Restaurant in Pokhara

Krishna's Kitchen is new restaurant a fair walk for the lakeside area. He offers interesting selection of Thailand menu items. Like Thaifood This is the ...

Other Recommendations

Pokhara Thakali Kitchen

Restaurant in Pokhara

Pokhara Thakali Kitchen, attached to the Hotel Trek-o-Tel this small atmospheric restaurant specialises in regional Thakali cuisine presented as thalis, each ...

Pokhara Steak House Restaurant

Restaurant in Pokhara

Pokhara Steak House restaurant (850m.), hallan Chock, Lakeside Pokhara (main junction for Khahar and going to Bazar.), ☎ 061692505. 1000am to 1130pm. Speciality...

Raniban Pokhara

Restaurant in Pokhara

Raniban is on the top of Pumbibumdi hill. Apparently its a hill as its only 1500 metres above sea level. Its still very high and with a fantastic view of the ...

Angan, Pokhara

Restaurant in Pokhara

Angan is the best place in Nepal for all sweet lovers from world over to look for. The store offers a whole range of traditional sumptuous sweets including ...

Pokhara Pizza House

Restaurant in Pokhara

Welcome to Pokhara Pizza House. Pokhara's most famous stuffed pizza. Pokhara Pizza House is one of the most buzzed Pizza House in the town. You gotta visit us...

Pokhara Beach Club

Restaurant in Pokhara

Pokhara Beach Club place is a little down the road from the lakeside reason of Pokhara, but well-worth the walk! It is truly a "lake view" space, with quiet ...

Moondance Restaurant

Restaurant in Pokhara

The much-loved Moondance is a Lakeside institution and deservedly so. Quality food, good service and a roaring open fire all contribute to the popularity of ...

Almond's Cafe & Restaurant

Restaurant in Pokhara

For lovers of spicy food, Almond's Cafe at Chipledhunga serves a comprehensive menu featuring hot snacks, grilled meat, roasted peanuts, etc. It is a popular ...