Recommended places for having food in Cebu

Here's a list of Recommended places for having food in Cebu recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Cebu
Authentic Local

If your looking for an authentic Cebuano Restaurant mostly you end up eating SUTUKIL-SUgba, TUla, KILaw (Grilled, Soup, Pilchard Fish) on the road side that you...

La Tegola

Restaurant in Cebu

La Tegola Cusina Italiana has a few bances of restuarants in Cebu serving up traditional Italian food. LA TEGOLA is located near Marina Mall where you can see a...

Maya Mexican Restaurant

Restaurant in Cebu

Maya was created to be a casual restaurant and tequila lounge; laid back and without attitude, reasonable pricing and efficient service. The sophisticated yet ...


Restaurant in Cebu

Anzani cuisine is NEW MEDITERRANEAN in nature. New Mediterranean describes the coastal Mediterranean style and flavour based mostly on the following ingredient...

Other Recommendations

Maharaja Restaurant Cebu

Restaurant in Cebu

Maharaja restaurant is a delight for the vegetarians in Cebu. It is the first authentic Indian restaurant here. The chef of Maharaja used to work for a five-...

Cebu La Fortuna Bakery

Restaurant in Cebu

Cebu La Fortuna Bakery. Try their masi, a Chinese Filipino sweet product of crush nuts and sugar wrapped in rice paste. This is their only excellent product; ...

Family Choice Cebu

Restaurant in Cebu
AsianAuthentic LocalKorean

Family choice offers some great budget buffets for lunch and dinner with prices starting from 195 P (which includes a drink).

Family Farm

Restaurant in Cebu

They have string acoustic players (bass guitar, lead guitar, rhythm, and a banjo) with a vocalist to entertain the customers. The motif of the place is so ...

Familia Xiamen Cuisine

Restaurant in Cebu

Xiamen Cuisine, the most representative one of Fujian cuisine, is characterized by its similarity to Canton food; sweet, light and very popular with Western ...