Restaurants serving great Asian food in Jerusalem

Here's a list of Restaurants serving great Asian food in Jerusalem recommended by our experts:


Restaurant in Jerusalem

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Yan Asian Sushi Bar & Restaurant

Restaurant in Jerusalem

Expert sushi chefs make Yan a destination for some of the most creative kosher sushi in Jerusalem. But if anyone in your party is not a sushi fan there's plenty...

Korusin Chinese Restaurant

Restaurant in Jerusalem

A convenient, compact, two-story place on Lunz Street near the bottom of the Ben-Yehuda Mall, Korusin is an interesting change of pace in a town with few Asian ...

Little Jerusalem Restaurant At Ticho House

Restaurant in Jerusalem

You'll be amazed when you come upon this large hidden oasis, its gardens and terrace cafe set right in the center of downtown West Jerusalem -- it's especially ...

Korea House

Restaurant in Jerusalem

Situated off a pedestrian mall, this quiet restaurant offers a taste of Korea in Jerusalem. Traditional, home-style Korean dishes are served with genuine Korean...

Kampai - Sushi Bar

Restaurant in Jerusalem

Kampai is a small and intimate Sushi bar located in the picturesque German Colony neighborhood. Even beginning-connoisseurs can find an enjoyable meal with ...

Sofia Restaurant

Restaurant in Jerusalem

Inbal Hotel is all geared up to welcome and treat their guests with an array of cuisines from across the globe. Sofia Restaurant presents the Italian cuisine ...


Restaurant in Jerusalem

Located in the heart of the city's restored 19th-century restaurant district, this pub is a Jerusalem favorite -- cozy, atmospheric, affordable, and serving ...


Restaurant in Jerusalem

With its decorative Southeast Asian artifacts and attentive service, this kosher branch of Tel Aviv's famous Tandoori Restaurant creates a graceful atmosphere ...

Zuni Restaurant/café/bar

Restaurant in Jerusalem

Open 24/7, this stylish, friendly place with a young spirit is located in the upstairs rooms of an old stone building on the Yoel Saloman pedestrian street. It ...

Tzion Hagadol

Restaurant in Jerusalem

Tzion Hagadol is known in local lingo as a "steakiya"--a down to earth place that serves up a selection of glatt kosher poultry and meat grilled in front of you...