Restaurants serving great Indian food in Yogyakarta

Here's a list of Restaurants serving great Indian food in Yogyakarta recommended by our experts:

Colonial Cuisine

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Serves authentic Indian Cuisine (Kebabs, Curry, Naan, Roti, Biryani and many more..) ; Indonesian & Chinese Cuisine

Other Recommendations


Restaurant in Yogyakarta
Authentic Local

FoodFezt Jl. Kaliurang km 5.5, ☎ +62 274 554554, [28]. Many kinds of local Indonesian foods: Nasi kebuli, nasi merah, soto betawi, sate buntel, mushroom satay, ...

Kheray Indah Chinese Food

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Kheray Indah Chinese Food serves good chinese food and staffs are very friendly.

Gadri Restaurant

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

this place is own by prince Joyokusumo,sultan youngest brother restaurant, while you waiting your food serving you can take a look inside the museum free... ...