Romance in in Agra

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Taj Mahal

Monument in Agra
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Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, It is built by the bank of the Yamuna river not very far from the Agra Fort. Taj Mahal is a masterpiece of ...

Agra Fort

Monument in Agra
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Agra Fort built in red sand stone, it is the one of the famous sights of Agra other than Taj Mahal. The semi circular fort was started by Akbhar in 1565, and ...

Mehtab Bagh

Garden/Botanical Garden in Agra

The Garden complex, situated on the opposite bank of the Taj Mahal, is known as Mehtab Bagh, or "The Moonlight Garden". Recent excavations revealed a huge ...

Buland Darwaza

Monument in Agra

Buland Darwaza or the gate of Magnificence, was built in 1601 A.D. by Akbar to commemorate his conquest of Gujarat. Its gateway is approached by 42 steps. The ...

Ram Bagh

Garden/Botanical Garden in Agra
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The original name of the bagh was Aram Bagh, which was later corrupted to Ram Bagh under the Marathas, when they occupied Agra from 1775 to 1803 AD The first ...

Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary

Wildlife Park in Agra

Located along the Keetham Lake, the Sur Sarovar Bird Sanctuary was granted official status in the year 1991 by the State government. Protecting over 300 species...

Omaze Wedding Mall

Shopping Place in Agra

One of the favorite hangout places in Agra, this mall features various shopping outlets, a cineplex and banquet halls.It has a multiplex, food court, ...

Other Recommendations

Agra And Taj Mahal Full Day Sighteeing Tour

Things to do in Agra
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Take a full-day tour to Agra from New Delhi to discover one of the great wonders of the world, the beautiful and romantic Taj Mahal. Termed as a "Token of Love...

Half Day Tour To Taj Mahal And Agra Fort

Things to do in Agra
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It is the spectacular Taj Mahal, the seventh wonder of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site as well as the impressive Agra Fort on this half day tour of ...