Savour the local food at these places in Shanghai

Here's a list of Savour the local food at these places in Shanghai recommended by our experts:

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Restaurant in Shanghai

With a dozen or more locations, this Cantonese delight is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Famous for its dim sum, xiaolong bao, and la mian, you're ...

Gongdelin Vegetarian Restaurant

Restaurant in Shanghai

This is most famous vegetarian restaurant in Shanghai and rightfully so. Meals are excellent and prices are reasonable. It is especially popular for its vegan ...

Ding Tai Fu

Restaurant in Shanghai
Authentic Local

It is said that it's the best Xiaolongbao restaurant in the city, but you can enjoy juicy dumplings or wontons.

Mei Long Zhen

Restaurant in Shanghai
ChineseAsianAuthentic Local

Mei Long Zhen first opened in 1938 and is often touted as Shanghai's most famous Chinese restaurant, an icon of Shanghainese cuisine. It is also a historical ...

M On The Bund

Restaurant in Shanghai

Located at the pinnacle of the historic Nissin Shipping Building, built in 1921, M overlooks Shanghai's most famous sight: the Bund. Here, diners sample a ...

Other Recommendations

Sancho Panza's Mexican Food

Restaurant in Shanghai

This Mexican restaurant has cut out the restaurant part of the equation. They will make homemade, delicious Mexican fare and delivery it to you anywhere in ...

Shanghai Sally's

Restaurant in Shanghai

In the past, when Shanghai's streets were not yet lined with bars, Sally's was very popular with Chinese and foreigners alike. Now its clientele is mainly ...