Top high-street fashion shopping locations in Boracay

Here's a list of Top high-street fashion shopping locations in Boracay recommended by our experts:

Crafts Of Boracay

Shopping Place in Boracay

Crafts of Boracay is Boracay's only 'one stop shop'. Supermarket, Deli, 2 floor Department store and Crafty's Rooftop Bar.Supermarket

Island Girl

Shopping Place in Boracay

Island Girl is a brand of resort footwear and fashion accessories that focuses on promoting and highlighting the beauty of natural materials sourced exclusively...

Shell Jewelry

Shopping Place in Boracay

Shell jewelry — similar to what you can find elsewhere in the world, the jewelry made of shells is popular as for the most part it is made locally from shells ...

Captain Haddock

Shopping Place in Boracay

From slim panatelas to fat stogies, Belgian-owned Captain Haddock caters to the discerning smoker. The store is named after the avid seafarer who appears ...

D Mall Boracay

Shopping Place in Boracay

Boracay's D'Mall is also home to various restaurants like Aria, Cyma, Ole, Lemon Cafe and Hama. There are cheaper restaurants for those on a tight budget as ...