Top places where kids will enjoy in Bharatpur

Here's a list of Top places where kids will enjoy in Bharatpur recommended by our experts:

Keoladeo National Park

Wildlife Park in Bharatpur

Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary also known as Ghana, world famous sanctuary developed by Maharaja Bharatpur. The best time to see the park is in October to Februray ...

Other Recommendations

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Wildlife Park in Bharatpur

One of the finest bird parks in the world, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Keoladeo Ghana Natiuonal Park) is a reserve that offers protection to faunal species as ...

Bharatpur Government Museum

Museum in Bharatpur

Bharatpur government museum is one of the central tourist attractions of Bharatpur. Tourists coming from every nook and corner of the world are bedazzled by the...

Boating In Artificial Lake At Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

Things to do in Bharatpur

The Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one of the best and famous wildlife sanctuaries in India. It is the only wildlife sanctuary in India that is artificially made ...

Explore The Rich Heritage At Bharatpur

Things to do in Bharatpur
WildlifeSafariFriendsMust See

Bharatpur, situated in the state of Rajasthan, is one of the popular tourist destinations in India, especially for those who are interested in exploring natural...

Safari At Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Things to do in Bharatpur

This park is recognised as one of the most important breeding and feeding grounds for the birds in the world. The Park opens from sunrise to sunset around the ...

Gopal Bhavan

Place to Visit in Bharatpur

Gopal Bhavan is an imaginatively designed building. The entrance of this building is marked with beautifully laid gardens, while the rear overlooks the Gopal ...