Top places where kids will enjoy in Kuching

Here's a list of Top places where kids will enjoy in Kuching recommended by our experts:

Sarawak Museum

Museum in Kuching

Sarawak Museum, The Sarawak State Museum is the oldest museum in Borneo. It was established in 1888 and opened in 1891 in a purpose-built building in Kuching. ...

Kuching Waterfront

Place to Visit in Kuching

Kuching Waterfront. Any visit to Kuching is incomplete without taking a brisk walk at the RM1 milion per 10 m strip of Kuching Waterfront. It is the most ...

Kuching Esplanade

Place to Visit in Kuching

Kuching Waterfront also known as Kuching Esplanade.Once a trading area in Kuching, the waterfront area at Sungai Sarawak has now been transformed into a ...

Bratak Mayau Bar & Cafe (bmc)

Pub in Kuching
For WomenBusinessNightlifeFriends

Bratak Mayau Bar & Cafe (BMC) located in kuching in malaysia.It is bar provide different types of drinks.

Kuching Civic Centre

Place to Visit in Kuching

Kuching Civic Centre, located at Jl. Taman Budaya. This is a 3-building complex, landmarked by its tower with an umbrella-shaped roof. This is the best place to...

Square Tower

Museum in Kuching
KidsArt And CultureMust See

The tower was built in 1494 as part fortifications and as a home to the governor of Portsmouth. In 1584 it was converted to a gunpowder store, the governor ...

Semenggoh Nature Reserve

Wildlife Park in Kuching

Amazing place to visit and you will have a close visual of Wild Life.. and you can get to see the movement and the lifestyle of the ORANG UTAN . Must visit ...

The Great Orangutan Project

Wildlife Park in Kuching
KidsNatureYouthFor Women

At The Great Orangutan Project for some years now we prided ourselves on providing the best exclusive volunteer opportunities to help the amazing orangutans of ...

Sarawak Cultural Village

Historic Place in Kuching
KidsYouthArt And CulturePhotography

This living museum is wholly owned by the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) depicts the heritage of the major racial groups in Sarawak and ...

Kuching Mosque

Mosque in Kuching
KidsArchitectureMuseumsArt And Culture

Previously the State Mosque of Sarawak and an integral part of the Kuching landscape, the Kuching Mosque; affectionately known as 'Masjid Lama' (Old Mosque), ...