Top things to do in Bandung

Here's a list of Top things to do in Bandung recommended by our experts:

Saung Angklung Udjo

Movie Hall in Bandung
KidsYouthFor WomenSeniors

Here you will find the Sudanese traditional bamboo musical concert performed by a small group of children with colorful and beautiful dances. Saung Angklung ...

Trans Studio Bandung

Activity Place in Bandung
KidsYouthFor WomenSeniors

Trans Studio Bandung theme park is one of the world's largest indoor theme parks, consists of two floors and has 20 fantastic rides, divided into three zones: ...

Sari Ater Hot Springs

Things to do in Bandung

It's actually a resort...u can choose to stay here or just take a one day trip since it's also at the same area as Tangkuban Parahu. There's a few ponds here ...


Activity Place in Bandung
KidsYouthFor WomenSeniors

De Ranch offers a different atmosphere of the tourist attractions in general, De Ranch offers horse ranch cowboy atmosphere Americans are hard to find in other ...

Bandung Treetop

Amusement Park in Bandung

Adventure from tree to tree through many different challenges, Tretes Treetop will strengthen your reasons for making Tretes Treetop as a new means to conduct...

Other Recommendations

Southern Bandung Tour

Things to do in Bandung

Once you see the magnificent view of Kawah Putih, you will never forget it. South Bandung better known as agro-tourism center activities (agriculture and tea ...


Things to do in Bandung

cililin is a little ville in Bandung that have much view n culture. but still haven't appear as another district.that why my reason choose this as my favorite ...

Kawah Putih

Things to do in Bandung

very beautyful and exited to visit.,at January 2010 me and my family went to Kawah Putih, we are very exited to that place and made our memories along the year,...

Green Canyon

Things to do in Bandung

A river that hemmed by steeply sloping riverbank known as Green Canyon, furthermore there'll be nice beaches that awaiting you. Green Canyon was name after the ...

Bandung Indah Golf & Country Club

Golf Course in Bandung
BusinessFor WomenLuxuryGolfing

The City of Bandung will grow more prestigious and luxurious because of the existence of "Bandung Indah Golf & Country Club" with its distinctive classic ...

Cikalong, Garut

Things to do in Bandung

This place is totally nowhere, so quite, so hidden, even u still can find ruins after tsunami several years ago. But the view is beautiful, one among the best! ...