Adventure activites in Yogyakarta

Here's a list of Adventure activites in Yogyakarta recommended by our experts:

Gunung Merapi National Park

Things to do in Yogyakarta
AdventureWildlifeMust SeeTrekking

Spotted Tiger, Kucing Besar, Musang, Coconut Squirrel, Long Tail Monkey, Lutung Kelabu, Wild Pig, Kijang, Deer, Jawa Eagle, Black Eagle, Alap-Alap Cina, Alap-...

Yogyakarta City Tour

Things to do in Yogyakarta

See the highlights Yogyakarta city has to offer by taking this tour! Explore Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese art and culture. Visit the Sultan's Palace and ...

Prambanan Boko Trekking

Things to do in Yogyakarta

Prambanan Boko trekking is a Combining both cultural experience and adventure tour that offers you something different

Borobudur Tour

Things to do in Yogyakarta
AdventureYouthHoneymoonArt And Culture

Borobudur Tour, Discover the history and mystery of wonderful Borobudur temple, one of the world's great architectural masterpieces.It is a massive Buddhist ...

Other Recommendations

Elo River Fun

Things to do in Yogyakarta

Elo River rafting

Merapi Trekking

Things to do in Yogyakarta

Trekking on and around Merapi is a popular activity

Borobudur Trekking

Things to do in Yogyakarta

One's appreciation of Borobudur's splendor will likely be enhanced by taking part in special programs such as the Borobudur Trek, arranged by a travel agency in...

Water Castle (tamansari)

Things to do in Yogyakarta
KidsAdventureHoneymoonArt And Culture

AGerman Wasserburg or Wasserschloss is a castle or stately home whose site is entirely surrounded by moats or natural waterbodies. Topographically water ...

Prambanan Tour

Things to do in Yogyakarta
SeniorsArt And CulturePhotographyFirst Timers

Prambanan is a collection of massive Hindu temples (candi) built by the Mataram Kingdom, rulers of central Java and defeaters of the Sailendra Dynasty.