Best cheap eats in town in Shanghai

Here's a list of Best cheap eats in town in Shanghai recommended by our experts:

Crystal Jade Restaurant

Restaurant in Shanghai

With a dozen or more locations, this Cantonese delight is frequented by locals and tourists alike. Famous for its dim sum, xiaolong bao, and la mian, you're ...


Restaurant in Shanghai

Delifrance, European Restaurant located in Shanghai which is a place in Shanghai, a municipality of China, a country on the continent of Asia Serves pizza and ...

Di Shui Dong

Restaurant in Shanghai

Located in Luwan district, Di Shui Dong offers spicy Chinese cuisine. Chillies are specially imported from Hunan, the hometown of Chairman Mao, in order to ...

Cui Yuan

Restaurant in Shanghai

Some locals argue that this is the best Sichuan restaurant this side of the Yangtze. Be warned, Sichuan food is not for the weak. Sichuan peppers numb your ...

Ding Tai Fu

Restaurant in Shanghai
Authentic Local

It is said that it's the best Xiaolongbao restaurant in the city, but you can enjoy juicy dumplings or wontons.

Other Recommendations

Jia Jia Tang Bao

Restaurant in Shanghai
ChineseAuthentic Local

This small local chain is widely acknowledged to have some of the best xiaolongbao in town. It's not fancy and their star dumplings are the only thing on the ...


Restaurant in Shanghai

Sometimes, life calls for curry. When not just any curry will do, head for Bukhara. With a reputation for the tastiest samosas in town, the bright selection of ...