Best Chinese Restaurants in Yogyakarta

Here's a list of Best Chinese Restaurants in Yogyakarta recommended by our experts:

Sky-wiz Kitchen & Bar

Pub in Yogyakarta

Sky Wiz Kitchen & Bar, Dim Sum Restaurant We welcome you with the indoor and outdoor lively atmosphere is still everyone's preference on a hot sunny day. We try...

The Grand Duck King

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

The Duck King Restaurant first opened in 2003 in South Jakarta. The Duck King Restaurant is a wonderful place for lunch & dinner. The food is fresh, ...

Colonial Cuisine

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Serves authentic Indian Cuisine (Kebabs, Curry, Naan, Roti, Biryani and many more..) ; Indonesian & Chinese Cuisine


Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Other Recommendations

Kheray Indah Chinese Food

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Kheray Indah Chinese Food serves good chinese food and staffs are very friendly.

Annisa Chinese Food

Restaurant in Yogyakarta

Annisa Chinese Food, drizzle delicious meal anget, when it is again the inn, eating seafood.The menu is dominated vegetables look very refreshing and tempting. ...