Best Hawker Centres for Cheap Food in Singapore

Here's a list of Best Hawker Centres for Cheap Food in Singapore recommended by our experts:

Food isn’t taken lightly in Singapore. Singapore is the food capital of Asia. It’s no secret, in fact, that food is a national pastime and obsession here – mentioned frequently in Singaporean literature. A melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures, Singaporean cuisine reflects this ethnic diversity in many (highly delicious) ways and has attracted food lovers for long. History tells us about Singapore as a seaport with a large immigrant population. Some of the other Influences include cuisines that derive from Indonesian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Peranakan and Eurasian traditions. This country is one of the richest in Southeast Asia, oozing luxury, sophistication and modernity. This does not mean, however, that you can't find affordable and delicious food in Singapore. Traditional Cantonese and Singaporean cuisine is a still a crowd favourite. Locals and people from different communities often interact with and eat together. Food is a unifying thread in Singapore and it explains the cheap street food flourish since the 1800s, when Singapore started to really thrive. Singapore’s famed chili crabs and other tasty crustaceans tend to come with a hefty price tag at many of the restaurants, however, and so they tend to be avoided by visitors on a tight budget. Traditional and lip smacking Hainanese Chicken, chicken rice, kaya toast, char kway teow, bak chor mee, and a vibrant plethora of delicious hawker street fare are your bet for the best value-for-money meals in Singapore. Discover the many innovative local dishes found everywhere from hawker stands to upscale restaurants. Chinatown Food Street creates the perfect backdrop for a keepsake photograph and is also a great place for families to chat over a meal of barbecued seafood. The more popular dishes here include fishball noodles and Char Kway Teow (a noodle dish fried with fresh cockles. Whet your appetite with a classic, mouth-watering Singaporean meal at any of these delightful street hawker centres:

Chinatown Point

Shopping Place in Singapore

Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road. A shopping mall that mainly sells handicrafts, there are other shops selling gifts and watches as well as beauty salons.

Old Airport Rd Food Centre

Restaurant in Singapore

"Old Airport Road has been around for very long, it's got very good food, a very good reputation," Seetoh told us as we waited for our order. "You get stuff ...

Maxwell Road Hawker Centre

Restaurant in Singapore

Experience an authentically Singaporean dining experience by having a meal at a food centre here. Located in the heart of Chinatown, Maxwell Road Hawker Centre ...

Tiong Bahru Market

Shopping Place in Singapore

Tiong Bahru Wet market is considered as a grocery store catered especially for the foreigners in Singapore where meats is covered with plastic on styrofoam ...

Chomp Chomp

Restaurant in Singapore

Chomp Chomp springs to life in the evenings, when food lovers from all over the island flock to the food centre to enjoy local signature dishes such as grilled ...

Newton Hawker Centre

Restaurant in Singapore

Newton Circus, (Newton MRT). Known for its seafood, but is also one the few places in Singapore where touts and overcharging can be a nuisance double-check the ...

Loyang Way Food Village

Restaurant in Singapore
Non Vegetarian

Breakfast is very good with noodles or tea. Roast is at the top of the list. Chicken rice so Long queue due to that chicken uncle damn slow in his culinary ...

Singapore Food Trail

Place to Visit in Singapore
YouthFood And DiningFriends

Singapore Food Trail, an exciting concept dining attraction which brings back the nostalgic feel and charm of Singapore in the 1960s, is set in the backdrop of ...

Serangoon Garden Market & Food Centre

Restaurant in Singapore

Serangoon Garden Market has its fair share of good eating stores - the kway chap and char kway teow always get long queues, and the Ah Seng duck rice is also ...

Asian Food Mall

Restaurant in Singapore

One of the cheapest food courts in the district. Prices are about 30% cheaper than the food courts at nearby malls while still maintaining excellent Singapore ...

Mr Teh Tarik Foodcourt

Restaurant in Singapore

Usually crowded during lunch hours.. Mr Teh Tarik food is the easiest and most painless way to get lunch if you are in can get all varities of food ...

Dunman Road Food Centre

Restaurant in Singapore
Food And DiningYouthFor WomenSeniors

Al dente with a satisfying bite, spiced (if you want it) with a delightful little kick, supplemented with a side bowl of soup and in portions as large as this ...

Albert Centre Market & Food Centre

Restaurant in Singapore
Authentic Local

Albert Centre Market and Food Centre at 270 Queen Street.There are many shops selling dried food stuff and the stores are located above the hawker centre.Albert...