Best Italian restaurants in Rome

Here's a list of Best Italian restaurants in Rome recommended by our experts:

La Pergola

Via Alberto Cadlolo 101, Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Reso...
Phone: +39 06 3509 2149

La Pergola, Hotel Cavalieri Hilton, Via A. Cadlolo 101, ☎ 06-35092152. Tue-Sat 7:30pm-12am; closed Aug 8-Aug 23. Awarded three stars in the Guide Rouge. The ... more

Antica Pesa

Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 18, 00153 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 580 9236

Our menu offers great classics of the Roman cuisine such as "cacio e pepe", "amatriciana" and "carbonara", combining them with typical regional recipes for ... more


Piazza Trinità dei Monti, 6, 00187 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 6993 4726

Great food and a sweeping panorama of Ancient Rome lure patrons to the sixth floor of this deluxe hotel on the Spanish Steps. There's so much talk of the view ... more

Pipero Al Rex

Via Torino, 149, 00184 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 481 5702

Food is amazing ,The menu was imaginative, fun and very delicious .

Giggetto Al Portico D'ottavia

Via del Portico D'Ottavia, 21, 00186 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 686 1105

The story of "Giggetto the Portico D'Ottavia" begins when a veteran of the First World War, Luigi Ceccarelli said "Giggetto" and his wife Ines did not miss the ... more

Trattoria Lilli

Via di Tor di Nona, 23, 00186 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 686 1916

La Trattoria Lilli invites you to taste their dishes from the best Roman tradition and delicious homemade desserts, prepared with care and served with courtesy


Viale dell Oceano Pacifico, 153, 00144 Rome, Italy
Phone: 0659280803

Chef Mirko Di Mattia uses only Italian and territory, serving daily fresh dishes that follow the natural course of the seasons, to offer its customers the best ... more


Via Pellegrino Matteucci, 20, 00154 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 5728 9141

In the post-industrial heart of the Ostiense-Testaccio, Rome fulcrum of a button from the new futuristic design, could not miss a local Central Europe as ... more

Ad Hoc

Via di Ripetta, 43 , Roma , Rome
Phone: 063233040

We can also cater for private occasion: whether it is a family , a birthday or anniversary celebration or a work meeting, one of the rooms can accommodate up to... more

Noi Nuova Osteria Italiana

Via di Colle Rosato, 00149 Rome, Italy
Phone: +39 06 4547 7984

La nostra filosofia è che esistono diverse ragioni per mangiare. La prima è quella di nutrirsi per sopravvivere, con la necessità di una cucina semplice, con ... more