Best Places for Art and Culture in Belgaum

Here's a list of Best Places for Art and Culture in Belgaum recommended by our experts:

Belgaum Fort

Monument in Belgaum
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The original structure made of mud and stone was built under the guidance of Bichiraja, a Ratta Officer. However, the entire structure was fortified with huge ...

Kamala Basti Fort

Monument in Belgaum
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In 1204, two Bastis or settlements were built inside the walls of the Belgaum Fort, one of which is named Kamala Basti. It was built in the style of the late ...

Kittur Fort And Palace

Monument in Belgaum

Kittur Fort and Palace is located in Honnidibba. The fort and palace provides the perfect excuse for history enthusiasts as well as the archaeologists to ...

Yellamma Temple

Temple in Belgaum
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The Yellamma Devi Temple is located in Saundatti taluq, five kilometers away from Saundatti town. Saundatti itself is 70 km away from Belgaum city.

Kapileshwara Temple

Temple in Belgaum
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apileshwar Temple was formed in the year 1710 by Chanamlappa Shivalingappa Kittur, Shahapur. Inside there is Shiv Murti/shivalaya, Ganesha Temple, Guru Datt ...

Other Recommendations

Saundatti Belgaum

Temple in Belgaum
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Saundatti has many temples, but the most famous is the Renuka or Yellamma temple. It is a temple dedicated to Goddess Shakti. This is a famous pilgrimage center...

Safa Masjid

Mosque in Belgaum
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In 1686,the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb defeated the Bijapur sultanate and Belgaum came under his control.

Laxmi Temple

Temple in Belgaum
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Laxmi Temple Images - The different fabulous images of Laxmi Temple floating across travel and tourism websites prompt many people to plan a trip. After all...

Belgaum Cancer Hospital

Medical Place in Belgaum

The story of our Cancer Hospital is scripted on the lines of "Service for a cause". It is the tale of the realization of the vision of our Managing Director, ...

Kalameshwar Temple

Temple in Belgaum
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Dedicated to God Kalmeshwar, a form of Shiv Shankar, this temple is located in Old Belgaum, a little away from the heart of the city, but attracts several ...