Best Places for Art and Culture in Hong Kong

Here's a list of Best Places for Art and Culture in Hong Kong recommended by our experts:

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Temple in Hong Kong
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Wong Tai Sin Temple (simplified Chinese: 黄大仙祠; traditional Chinese: 黃大仙祠; Mandarin Pinyin: Huáng Dàxian Cì; Jyutping: wong4 daai6 sin1 ci4) is a well known ...

Po Lin Monastery

Monastery in Hong Kong
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Once merely a remote monastery hidden by lush, mountain scenery, the Po Lin Monastery made it to the world map when the extraordinary Tian Tan Buddha statue (...

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Museum in Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 1 Man Lam Rd, Sha Tin (MTR Sha Tin). For those with a serious interest in Chinese culture, this might appeal to you as one of Hong ...

Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree

Museum in Hong Kong
KidsArt And CultureWeekendsHistory

Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, near Tai Po [3]. The Wishing Tree is an old tree. Traditionally, it is believed that it will bring good luck and fortune. Nowadays, it ...

Sam Tung Uk Museum

Museum in Hong Kong

Sam Tung Uk, meaning three beam dwelling, is a restored 200 year old rural village. This square-walled Hakka village was built by the Chan clan. Declared a ...

Other Recommendations

Dialogue In The Dark

Things to do in Hong Kong
KidsYouthFor WomenMuseums

Dialogue in the Darkis a unique and inspiring experience. They have a range of activities suitable for different people, including: suitable for the public to ...

Hong Kong Museum Of Art

Museum in Hong Kong
KidsYouthFor WomenMuseums

The Hong Kong Museum of Art is the main art museum of Hong Kong.The museum was established as the City Hall Museum and Art Gallery in the City Hall in Central ...

Hong Kong Urban Adventures

Things to do in Hong Kong
AdventureKidsArchitectureArt And Culture

Hong Kong is a city that evolved from a cluster of simple fishing villages to one of the most thriving metropolises in Asia. Urban Adventures are the city tour ...

Hong Kong Space Museum

Museum in Hong Kong
KidsArchitectureMuseumsArt And Culture

Quite a small museum, with a basic history of space flight in static exhibits, including a single exhibit on Chinese space flight. It also has interactive ...