Best Places for Art and Culture in Santa Barbara

Here's a list of Best Places for Art and Culture in Santa Barbara recommended by our experts:

Santa Barbara Museum Of Art

1130 State St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States
Phone: +1 805-963-4364

Santa Barbara Museum of Art, 1130 State Street, (805) 963-4364, [12]. Tu-Su 11AM-5PM. A remarkably well-provisioned museum considering the size of the town, ... more

State Street

State Street, Highway 101, Santa Barbara, CA 93117

Mexican-Spanish constructions, restaurants and bars, the Plaza. Still it is much more beautiful than we could expect. And the big surprise. Many pianos, mostly... more

Santa Barbara Mission

Santa Barbara Mission, 2201 Laguna St., (from downtown State St., turn east onto Mission St. and follow signs pointing toward the Mission), (805) 682-4149, [10... more

Visit Old Mission Santa Barbara

2201 Laguna StSanta Barbara, CA 93105-3611
Phone: (805) 682-4713

Revel in the beauty of the Queen of California's 21 Missions. Old Mission Santa Barbara , the tenth of the iconic California missions founded over 200 years ago... more

Santa Barbara Adventure Company

Santa Barbara Adventure Company, 720 Bond Avenue, Santa Barbara, CA 93...

Step back in time and experience an environment found nowhere else on earth. Abundant marine life, pristine kelp forests, rugged coastline and hidden sea caves ... more

Santa Barbara Zoo

500 Ninos Dr, Santa Barbara, CA 93103, United States
Phone: (805) 962-5339

Santa Barbara Zoo, 500 Ninos Dr, (805) 963-5695, [17]. Every day, 10AM-5PM, except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and some private events. Small but well-... more