Best places to eat in Anshan

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Anshan recommended by our experts:

Sanbao Niupai Wu

Add to trip TieDong District Tie Dong YuanLin Road, Anshan, China

A steakhouse restaurant here specializes in beef steaks, and are served with sides, such as baked potatoes and rolls .

Tong Ji Liaoli

TieDong District JianGuo Road 191-1, Wu Yi Road LiJiao Bridge North Si...
Phone: 0412-6893377

Tong Ji LiaoLi is a japanese Restaurant.

Babi Ta

TieDong District ShengLi Road, ShengLi Plaza Da Shang Xin Ma Te 2 Floo...

BaBi Ta is a fast food restuarnt,here ice creams are very good.

Hong Shun Yang Pai Guan

TieDong District Da FuHao Hotel Opposite, Anshan, China

In this Restaurant we get mutton, beef, camel , chicken, goose ,variety of dishes are available and salad is also available.

Xingfu De Zicai Baofan

ZhongShanQu LuXun Lu 104-106 Hao Jin ShiJi Jie Jin JiaLeFu, Dalian, Ch... , Anshan
Phone: 0411-82776551

XingFu De ZiCai BaoFan is a korean cuisine rerstaurant where all korean food is available.

Can Jitang

TieDong District QingNian Street CaiFu Center 1 Floor 9, Anshan, China
Phone: 0412-2213300

Can JiTang is a korean restaurant.

Sheng Xiang Ribenliaoli

TieDong District FuTian Nearby, Anshan, China

Sheng Xiang RiBenLiaoLi is a japanese restaurant and japanese food here is good.and desserts are very tasty.

Chongqing Gushi

ZhanQian Le Du Hui 5 Floor, Anshan, China

ChongQing GuShi restaurant here we get Szechuan cuisine where the food is tasty.