Popular religious places in Anshan

Here's a list of Popular religious places in Anshan recommended by our experts:

Wuliang Taoist Temple

Temple in Anshan

The Taoist temples are very old. The Buddhist are also old but are from India originaly whereas the Taoist are Chinese from way back. There is a bit of a walk ...

Maitreya Buddha

Temple in Anshan
Must See

Buddha is a mountain, which is a statue of the Buddha. The Statue of Maitreya, formed by the whole peak of the mountain, is so called as the treasure of the ...

Other Recommendations

Anshan Museum

Museum in Anshan

Anshan Museum is an museum.

Anshan Ancient City

Place to Visit in Anshan

Anshan ( Chinese : 鞍山 ; pinyin : Ānshān ; literally "saddle mountain") is the third largest prefecture level city in Liaoning province, People's ...

Anshan Yufo Mountain

Mountain in Anshan

it is a hill from where can see the view of the city.

Anshan Qianshan Buddha

Things to do in Anshan

Folk culture festival organized by a thousand mountains Spring Bright's major theme-cum-lantern.