Best places to eat in Haikou

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Haikou recommended by our experts:

A To Z Cafe

LongHua District ShangBang Bai Hui Cheng 2 Floor, Haikou, China

This is easily the best coffee shop on the island. The decor, the service, the drinks, everything about them is awesome.

Aer Jing Tang

MeiLan District HaiXiu Road 38, GuoBin Hotel 2 Floor, Haikou, China
Phone: 0898-66774123

AEr Jing Tang is located in Haikou China, here you can enjoy seafood. The soup is very refreshing and the food is good. The service needs improvement as it is ... more

Joan King Of Vegetable Cuisine Village

Jin Ken Road, Haikou, China
Phone: 0898-66667788,0898-68963996

Joan King gourmet dishes village name heard on the great scale inside is also great, freshly made seafood a lot, you can choose to sit indoors or outdoors, many...

Guangzhou Restaurant

NanHai Avenue 99-9, Haikou, China
Phone: 0898-31672222

Guangzhou Restaurant in the South Avenue 99-9 a name to know is do Cantonese, where the tea good to drink, there is little to do in Haikou tea to do so ...

Pizza Hut (pearl Road)

MingZhu Road 8, Yi Xin Commercial Plaza 1 Floor, Haikou, China
Phone: 0898-68512272

Pizza Hut is not in the Pearl Plaza Pearl store, but rather in the near Pearl Square Yixin Commercial Plaza, decoration is also good, relatively new facilities... more

Kafei Shijian Xicanting Guomao Dian

LongHua District GuoMao Road 36 JiaLing Mansion, Haikou, China
Phone: 0898-68590616

This cafe is very good Western environmental touches, the store were good, the service can keep up with all kind of enthusiasm, will take the initiative to ... more

Xinhai Fu Zhou Cheng

BaiLong South Road, Haikou, China

For lovers of seafood, a must try is the Seafood Combo, the Prawn Gambroni or the Grilled Fish with lemon butter or if you wish to stay with the familiar - the ... more

Pizza Fuego

Jinmao Xi Lu - 3th Floor, Haikou, China
Phone: 13518826533

Pizza Fuego is located in Haikou, here you can enjoy excellent Italian food with imported ingredients. This restaurant always clean.

Zhangzi Dao Hai Zhen Fang

MeiLan District LanTian Road West 12, ShiJi Gang Business DuJia Apartm...
Phone: 0898-66528977

ZhangZi Dao Hai Zhen Fang is located in Haikou China, here you enjoy seafood.