Restaurants serving great Asian food in Haikou

Here's a list of Restaurants serving great Asian food in Haikou recommended by our experts:

Banana Asia

Restaurant in Haikou

Haikou Banana Hostel's aim is to create a relaxed and comfortable place to stay. Watch DVDs on our 43 inch plasma TV in the media room. Sit back and chat the ...

Wei Qian Lamian Mei Lan Jichang Dian

Restaurant in Haikou

Food here is so delicious especially the chicken soup noodle. The moment you sip the soup, your whole miseries just evaporate. A good place to hang out ...

Collar City Restaurant

Restaurant in Haikou

Collar City Restaurant is loacted in Haikou China, here you can enjoy testy Asian food. This restaurant clean all the time.

Other Recommendations

Lao Xin Jiang Tian Shan Zhi Zi Fan Dian

Restaurant in Haikou

On the corner of Yelin Lu, the interior of this Xinjiang eatery is a bit murky, but by 8pm they fill the pavement with tables and chairs for some pleasant early...

Fule Chicken Restaurant

Restaurant in Haikou

Fule Chicken Restaurant, Hainan is known for its four famous dishes Wenchang chicken, Dongshan mutton, Jiaji duck and Hele crab each named after its village of...

Guangzhou Restaurant

Restaurant in Haikou

Guangzhou Restaurant in the South Avenue 99-9 a name to know is do Cantonese, where the tea good to drink, there is little to do in Haikou tea to do so ...

Haikou Diyijia Ru Yang Dian

Restaurant in Haikou

The first Ruyang shop specializing in lamb dishes still very rich favorite roast leg of lamb, little lamb meat is tender very fresh, there is also good here, ...

Zhangzi Dao Hai Zhen Fang

Restaurant in Haikou

ZhangZi Dao Hai Zhen Fang is located in Haikou China, here you enjoy seafood.

Bishengke Le Pu Sheng Dian

Restaurant in Haikou

BiShengKe Le Pu Sheng Dian is located in Haikou China, here you enjoy variety of pizza.