Best places to eat in Kuching

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Kuching recommended by our experts:

Top Spot Food Court

Restaurant in Kuching
AsianChineseAuthentic LocalNonya / Peranakan

Top Spot Food Court, Jl. Bukit Mata (Top floor of 'Taman Kereta' Carpark, opposite Tun Jugah Shopping Mall). Has a wide range of food stalls ranging from the ...

Bla Bla Bla

Restaurant in Kuching

Bla Bla Bla, Wayang Street (A few shops down from The Junk), ☎ +30 82 233944. A Chinese restaurant which was opened by the same restaurateurs as The Junk. It ...

Absolute Tribal

Restaurant in Kuching
ChineseThaiAuthentic LocalIndonesian

The restaurant presents a unique dining experience in the courtyard and serves Chinese, Authentic and fusion local dishes as well as a huge selection of Thai ...


Restaurant in Kuching

The restaurant interior is air-conditioned and is baby and child friendly. They are the perfect place to relax on a hot or rainy afternoon while sipping on ...

The Junk

Restaurant in Kuching
JapaneseAuthentic Local

The Junk, Wayang Street (opposite Fata Hotel), ™Ã‚˜ÂŽ +30 82 259450. Walking distance from the waterfront. Western/Italian menu and popular with locals and ...

Lyn's Tandoori Restaurant

Restaurant in Kuching
IndianNorth Indian

This is one of the best Indian restaurants (including India). The food is delicious. The menu is massive - you can order just about any Indian dish you can ...

Bella Italia

Restaurant in Kuching

Bella Italia located in kuching in malaysia.It is a friendly restaurant with Italian food.

Black Bean Coffee&tea Company

Pub in Kuching

Black Bean Coffee&Tea Company, Jl. Carpenter. Small cafe which serves excellent home-roasted Sarawak liberica, Sumatran arabica and Javanese robusta. If you're ...

Rock Road Seafood Restaurant

Restaurant in Kuching

Their food is really good. They have a nice variety of starters including great soups as well. Wide variety of main course to choose from.Food is really fresh, ...

Mango Tree

Restaurant in Kuching
ThaiNonya / Peranakan

Mango Tree located in kuching in malaysia with A/C dining room, or dine alfresco in a traditional Thai garden. Thai cuisine.


Restaurant in Kuching

Magenta, Recently relocated to old court house at Waterfront. Beautiful colonial building with a romantic oriental ambience. Good menu with large portions. ...

Sarawak Laksa

Restaurant in Kuching

Sarawak Laksa. Sarawak laksa is the most noticably Sarawakian food in Kuching. It was a favourite among Sarawakian from Chinese and Malay decent. It has a base ...

Mom's Laksa Kopitiam

Restaurant in Kuching

Mom's Laksa Kopitiam located in kuching malaysia.It provides Asian,Malaysian food with different good taste.