Best places to eat in Naples

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Naples recommended by our experts:


Via Foria 272, 80100 Naples, Italy
Phone: +39 333 589 5686

our strong and PorchettaPREPARE all three principles respecting Ns Dishesfundamental 'QUALITY' THE QUALITY 'and AS'. "The customer has to leave satisfied, ...

$ 3 average cost

Dolce Idea Di Gennaro Bottone Napoli

Via Giuseppe Bonito, 2, 80129 Napoli, Italy , Naples
Phone: 390815560563

The famous chocolate shop in Italy of Master Chocolatier Gennaro Bottone. We invite you to discover the taste of its high quality chocolates and other ... more

Gran Caffe Cimmino

Via Francesco Petrarca, 147, 80122 Napoli, Italy , Naples
Phone: 39 081 575 7697

Connoisseurs often say the most refined pastries in town can be found at Gran Caffè Cimmino. Many of the city's lawyers congregate here, to celebrate or ... more

Jorudan Sushi

Via Tasso 288 80127 Naples Italy
Phone: 39 08 1640564

Jorudan sushi the quality and the tradition of Japanese cuisine .The place is smaller but the staff is incredibly nice.The owner is very friendly and very ...

$ 34 average cost


Via Francesco Cilea 203/207, Via Francesco Cilea 203/207 - 80127 Napol...
Phone: +39 081 049 4464

The food, service and over all atmosphere there was phenomenal . The staff were a delight, and you can picked a better place to dine in and spend your night . ... more

Pizzeria Starita A Materdei

Via Materdei, 27-28, 80136 Napoli, Italy , Naples
Phone: 390815573682

A wine cellar, is the pizzeria Sophia Loren in De Sica's film "The Gold of Naples". Starita to Materdei, Stella district, is a piece of town's history and ... more

$ 13 average cost

Le Cantine Dei Petrone

Via San Romualdo, 33, 80131 Napoli, Italy , Naples
Phone: 39 081 587 1004

The place was originally an old cellar of the eighteenth century and entering it is like taking a dip in the past savoring traditional dishes have disappeared ... more

$ 21 average cost

Dalle Figlie Di Iorio

Via Count Olivares, Naples, Italy
Phone: 39 081 552 0490

A very nice place, the three sisters are very good quality and the kitchen is x, that x pizza and have a way to serve that makes you feel at home . And all good...

$ 8 average cost

Motus Naples

Piazza Municipio 5/6, 80133 Naples, Italy
Phone: 39 081 552 0262

They were served small plates of food for free also. The waiter and barman were lovely, very friendly. They came to chat to you and they enjoyed having the ... more

$ 11 average cost