Best Places to Eat on a Budget in Bali

Here's a list of Best Places to Eat on a Budget in Bali recommended by our experts:

Bali is a foodie haven if you know where to look. The best restaurants in Bali range from a plethora of world-class dining venues and plenty of other dining options, from casual café brunches, great tex-mex, patisseries, local coffee and fresh seafood to authentic and cheap local fare. Regardless of your budget, it’s possible to have a delicious and exciting meal every time and still afford daily cocktails! Bali also offers a wide variety of cuisines by region and level of sophistication, and they are often featured in unique locations with awe-inspiring views and artistic interiors. Bali has evolved with each wave of visitors over the years and is now truly a first-class dining destination – the worlds most innovative and talented chefs can be found here. Some of the best food in Bali sometimes can be had at surprisingly very affordable restaurants and old favourites. Secret Garden is a favorite haunt of British and Australian visitors in particular and features a homely traditional pub atmosphere. It has a street-side cocktail bar, a spacious courtyard patio and indoor pub that offer live rock music each night. There is an eclectic décor of tropical bamboo fixtures and rustic furniture with plenty of rock music memorabilia hanging from its walls. Secret Garden has a basic western menu of burgers, steaks, pastas and all-day breakfasts all well priced. There are regular happy hours in the early evening and a good range of imported European and Asian premium beers. Be sure to anticipate the most affordable, tastiest food in Bali at these restaurants:

Fat Boys

Restaurant in Bali

Malaysian Restaurant

Fair Warung Bale

Restaurant in Bali

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Pura Dalem Kadewatan Sanur

Temple in Bali

A temple is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual activities, such as prayer and sacrifice, or analogous rites.

Green Ginger Noodles House

Restaurant in Bali

Green ginger noodle house offers a selection of vegetarian favourites from around asia. set in a charming cottage with delightful vintage decor the cafe serves ...

Bali Pesto Cafe

Cafe in Bali

Reopened in a new location down Monkey Road, Bali Pesto's menu is filled with creative Indonesian and Mediterranean dishes like grilled minced seafood in banana...

Bbq (german Beer Garden Bali)

Restaurant in Bali

BBQ restaurant is a relaxing place to share great food with family and friends. Where you can have your delicious food in a very comforting and in a friendly ...

Other Recommendations

Ketuts Place

Restaurant in Bali

The range of delicious dishes that this place serves is everything from bebek betutu (smoked duck) to bamboo-skewer satays. This place has a sociable ambiance. ...

Bali Bakery

Restaurant in Bali

Bali Bakery has become the Island's most reputable midday gathering place for a discerning local and international clientele, where tourists rub shoulders with ...


Restaurant in Bali

This intimate and charming restaurant with a rustic decor has high ceilings, traditional Indonesian furniture, sculptures and paintings. Its clientele comprises...