Best Portugese Restaurants in Macau

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Macau is one of the hottest destinations in Asia today for its diverse and wonderful dining options, but also for its noodle masters and scrumptious traditional, local fare. Known as the ‘Vegas of the East’, Macau is a gambling hub with many casinos and has been attracting fortune-seekers for long. But if you dare to look beyond the glitz and glamour, you’ll find that Macau has an incredibly rich history. It is a treasure trove of culture, adventures, and good food with both Portuguese and Chinese influences. Macau is one of the most intriguing food destinations in Asia. On your food hunt, anticipate diverse Portuguese, Chinese and Macanese cuisines, where Michelin–starred restaurants in casinos fight for space with quaint and charming old teahouses, cafes and taverns. Standard menu items include everything from Macanese samosas to pork chop buns and egg tarts. Lord Stow's Bakery is a sit-down cafe and a bakery at the Village Square. A Macau institution, Lord Stow's is famous for its cheesecakes, fruitcakes, sandwiches, and most of all, its Portuguese egg tarts, which are famous throughout Asia. We have rounded up some of the best places to enjoy traditional food in Macau:

Lord Stow's Bakery

Restaurant in Macau

Lord Stow's Bakery, Sit-down cafes at Rua da Cordoaria and Rua da Tassara No. 1 (next to Banco Comercial de Macau) and a bakery at the Village Square - A Macau ...

Lord Stow's Garden Cafe

Cafe in Macau

Bakery : Though the celebrated English baker Andrew Stow passed away, Lord Stow's Bakerykeeps his memory alive by serving his renowned pastéis de nata. Lord ...


Restaurant in Macau
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It was a success, the tasty food,drinks and desserts extensive letter.Good value price for the area Friendly staff. Highly recommended.Food is simple traveller...

O Santos Comida Portuguesa

Restaurant in Macau

O Santos Comida Portuguesa is a Portuguese Restaurant known for serving only the very best quality Cuisine, with a smile. The interior is warm and elegant and ...

Ift Educational Restaurant

Restaurant in Macau

The Educational Restaurant is a training unit for the hotel and culinary students of Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao.IFT encourages Macao's future ...

A Lorcha

Restaurant in Macau

A Lorcha located just a stone throw's away from A Ma Temple, this Portuguese/Macanese restaurant is no stranger to tourists.

A Petisqueira

Restaurant in Macau

The Snackery is an amicable place with myriad Portuguese choices set in an obscure alley. It serves its own queijo fresca da casa (homemade cheese). Try the ...

Clube Militar

Restaurant in Macau

Clube Militar, 975 Avenida de Praia Grande. Tel: 714000 - Originally a club for Portuguese military officers, this is now a classy restaurant. Turn left on the ...

Boa Mesa

Restaurant in Macau

Portuguese Restaurant