Enjoy a great time with your family in Penang

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Half Day City Tour

Things to do in Penang
ArchitectureArt And CultureWeekendsParks

Penang is a Malaysian island that is often overlooked due to its superstar West Coast cousins. Most Malaysians will laud its gastronomic offerings as well as ...

Round Island Tour

Things to do in Penang

This tour takes you to the outskirts of George Town, witness the actual process of Batik, using wax & dyes. Then proceed to the Fishing Village. From here we ...

Heritage Trishaw Trail

Things to do in Penang

Take a leisure ride on the enchanting Beca (Trishaw in Malay) and immerse yourself in the nostalgia of Penang. Also called the Trishaw or Jinrickisha, it has ...

Hill And Temple Sightseeing

Things to do in Penang
KidsArt And CultureFamilyReligious Travel

Kek Lok Si Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in South-East Asia. It is also known as the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddha's. The 7-Tier Pagoda of 10,...

Penang National Park Tour

Things to do in Penang

One of the few natural forests on the island, the Penang National Park (Taman Negara Pulau Pinang) is located at the North-Western side of the island, in Muka ...

Other Recommendations

Penang Heritage With Trishaw Tour

Things to do in Penang
ArchitectureArt And CultureHistoryReligious Travel

This afternoon enjoy a romantic trishaw ride and a leisurely stroll in the city of Georgetown. Discover how a number of multi-cultured people can live ...

Penang Golf Resort

Golf Course in Penang
Food And DiningBusinessLuxuryGolfing

Penang Golf Resort boasts one of the most complete line-up of facilities befitting a premier golf resort. Golfers seeking game improvements will be delighted ...

Cycling At Penang

Things to do in Penang

Cycling (Explore Balik Pulau), 597 Jl Sungai Pinang. Explore Balik Pulau. The visitor's centre in Balik Pulau offers daily guided cycling tour around the Balik ...

Return Ferry Ticket From Penang To Langkawi

Things to do in Penang

Enjoy a wonderful Sea view of your return journey from Penang to Langkawi. The best way to travel from Penang to Langkawi is on the Penang Langkawi ferry ...