Must see points of interest in Managua

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Managua recommended by our experts:

Catedral De Managua

Santiago of Managua Cathedral, 2a Avenida N.E, Managua, Nicaragua

Catedral de Managua. Ruins of the city's old cathedral are a remembrance of the damage caused by a 1972 earthquake that destroyed much of central Managua.  

Nic 4

NIC 4 , Managua

National Historical Park Tiscapa Lomas, located on the northern slope of Lake Tiscapa in Managua for canopy over the lagoon. The Historic Park entrance, from ... more

Parque De La Paz

Área Monumental , Managua

Parque de la Paz, Área Monumental. Your chance to see a lot of grayish-white concrete poured over AK-47s and one tank, which is supposed to symbolize ... more