Top things to do in Managua

Here's a list of Top things to do in Managua recommended by our experts:


Pista Jean Paul Genie , Managua

Capelli is one of the most exclusive gentlemen's barber in Managua, they also provide massage services, manicure, pedicure and more. In the same establishment ... more

Cines Alhambra Vip

Carretera A Masaya, Managua, Nicaragua

The best movie teathers in Nicaragua. You will enjoy the movie seated in a comfortable reclining chair, with a waitress at your disposal, excellen snacks.

Catch A Movie

Catch a movie - You can catch good Latin American movies some Wednesdays at 7PM at the theatre near Art Cafe (a bar) near the Parque de las Palmas. The Art Cafe... more

Play Billiards

Play billiards - There are at least three good pool places if you're in a group, Pool8, and the two Time Off locations. All are downtown. Time Off has excellent...