Must see points of interest in Ningbo

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Ningbo recommended by our experts:

Tian Yi Ge

Place to Visit in Ningbo

Tian Yi Ge, also translated as Tianyi Pavilion or Tianyi Chamber, is a library and garden located in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China. It is the oldest existing...

Baoguo Temple

Temple in Ningbo
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The Baoguo Temple is a Mahayana Buddhist temple located in the Jiangbei district, 15 kilometres north of Ningbo, in Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of ...

Tianyi Square

Place to Visit in Ningbo
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Tianyi Square, Tianyi Square is the biggest square in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China designed by architect Qingyun Ma.

Dongqian Lake

Lake/River/Water body in Ningbo
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Dongqian Lake is a lake lying in the southeast of Yinzhou District, Ningbo in the Zhejiang province of eastern China. It is the largest natural freshwater lake ...

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Place to Visit in Ningbo

Hangzhou Bay Bridge is a highway bridge with a cable-stayed portion across Hangzhou Bay in the eastern coastal region of China. It connects the municipalities ...

Guangji Bridge

Place to Visit in Ningbo

Guangji Bridge, also known as Xiangzi Bridge is an ancient bridge that crosses the Han River in Chaozhou, Guangdong province, China.

Ningbo Harborland Park

Amusement Park in Ningbo

Harborland Theme Park, located in Beilun, is only 30 minutes by bus or taxi from the city center. It covers more than 800,000 square meters, over ten of the ...

Tiantong Temple

Temple in Ningbo

This temple and its surroundings are sublime. It is situated in the hills, far from downtown madness. The pine trees long the entrance road are gone now, which...

Ningbo Wulong Pond

Place to Visit in Ningbo

Beautiful scenery! Mountains around the ponds, best time to go in late spring or autumn. You can here the birds sing, the bees buzzzzz. Very nice place to spend...

Asoka Temple

Temple in Ningbo

Asoka Temple is one of the Five Mountains of Buddhism's Chan Sect (Zen) in China. As a famous temple of Chan sect of Buddhism in China, Asoka Temple has an ...

Seven-pagoda Temple

Temple in Ningbo

This temple is mainly for it is a very spiritual place, very peaceful. a bit far to reach, so try not to go or to be returning back during traffic hours. Very ...

Ningbo Jiulong Lake

Lake/River/Water body in Ningbo

Jiulonghu fairly good scenery, mountains, remarkable scenery along the way, the air is good. We have a pedestrian, climbing wading fun, scenic or tiring Pawan ...

Ningbo Zoo

Zoo in Ningbo

Ningbo Youngor Zoo is located in the East Lake Resort area has the "West charm, Taihu boldness", and covers an area of 1900 acres, is a national AAAA level ...

Ningbo Lianghuang Mountain

Mountain in Ningbo

The Lianghuang Mountain is steep with exotic peaks and stones, deep valley and quiet gully, flying waterfall and running spring. It is green as far as the eye ...

Liangzhu Culture Park

Park in Ningbo

Very good place to visit, to commemorate the couple Liangzhu established a temple close to their funeral, there is a large statue of a white colored pair adorn ...

Southern Song Stone Park

Park in Ningbo

Southern Song Dynasty stone park, play the Holy Land, not only a beautiful environment, cool. But also see a lot of beautiful, fine carving stone, all kinds of...

Tianfeng Pagoda

Place to Visit in Ningbo

In the south of the castle of the city center, has towered on the east side of the Kindoku culture Garden (actually park of rest of citizens).

Ningbo Chunxiao Yangsha Mountain

Mountain in Ningbo

Ocean sand hills, the sea light mountains, beautiful scenery. Where you can barbecue, swimming, hiking, definitely a good place for tourism. Every weekend, ...

Ningbo Ludao Park

Park in Ningbo

There are lush trees, colorful flowers, as well as a variety of local buildings, parks inside the environment is very clean and the air is fresh and unusual Oh...

Ningbo City Gallery

Museum in Ningbo

City Hall is a more detailed history of the pavilion at the edge of the old Bund, the museum will be able to look at the scenery out the location is good, ...

Ningbo Mosque

Mosque in Ningbo
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The Ningbo Mosque is the only Islamic Masque in Ningbo. It was first built in the Xianping Period (998-1003), North Song Dynasty (960-1127) and was rebuilt and...

Qinqiao Park

Place to Visit in Ningbo
Must See

Cultural Park bridge was more poetic name from inside the scenery is beautiful, as the name King. Park Plaza has a large square, which has sold something ...

Ningbo Zhenhaikou Coastal Site

Place to Visit in Ningbo

Ningbo, Haikou coastal town is the site to witness China's success against foreign aggression, long ambition of the Chinese people. Chinese people have the ...

Ningbo Zhaobao Mountain

Mountain in Ningbo

Zhaobao Mountain also known as Zhaobao Mount or Zhaobao Hill. Located on the north bank near the mouth of the Yong River at the east end of the town of Zhenhai ...

Ningbo Hengshan Island

Place to Visit in Ningbo

The island's environment is very good, very clean, surrounded by the sea, everywhere you can see fishermen in fishing nets, here mainly by fishing for a living...