Must see points of interest in Popayan

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Popayan recommended by our experts:

Parque Caldas

Calle 4 Carrera 7, Popayán, Colombia , Popayan
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Parque Caldas is the beautiful park in the middle of the historic district. There is an abundance of shrubs, greenery and trees. The walkways are lined with ... more

Iglesia De San Francisco

Calle 4, Carrera 9, Popayan, Colombia
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The church of San Francisco in Popayán is one of the most important temples in Colombia for style baroque neogranadino late. In its bell tower has one of the ... more

Parque Natural De Purace

Popayan - 44 Km to the point called El Crucero | detour to the sulfur ...
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The Puracé National Natural Park is a national park located in the Andean Region of Colombia, southeast of the city of Popayán in the Cordillera Central range... more

Torre Del Reloj

Calle 5 Cra.7, Popayan, Colombia
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Torre del Reloj is one of the symbols of Popayan city, is called the nose of Popayan & is located in the most central street of the city, leaving the square in ... more

Puente Del Humilladero

Popayan, Cauca Dept, Colombia
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The bridge of 12 arches Humilladero also crossing the Mill River, served to prevent costs the second pedestrian street. The slope was so steep that you could ... more

Popayan Tours

Carrera 11 No. 4-16, Popayan, Colombia
Phone: 2 8317871

Popayan Tours offers the most popular tours in Popayan including the Coconuco Downhill Cycling trip which leaves every single day of the year with a minimum of ... more