Must see points of interest in Yelagiri

Here's a list of Must see points of interest in Yelagiri recommended by our experts:


Mountain in Yelagiri

Swamimalai Hill has a strong base with a towering summit reaching up to the sky. Shaped like cake, this hill is a favourite trekking and mountain climbing spot ...

Nature Park

Park in Yelagiri

Spread in an area of 12 acres, the Nature Park is an alluring place. Numbers of travelers love to enjoy a great weekend here. The park comprises of a garden, ...

Government Silk Farm

Place to Visit in Yelagiri

Government Silk Farm is home to silk worms. Known as the Sericulture farm, it is located at Mangalam that is 5 km away from the town. It is one of the tourist ...

Nilavoor Lake

Lake/River/Water body in Yelagiri

Nilavoor Lake is frequented by enthusiasts interested in boating. A small lake, it contains a garden on its banks. Region around the lake also contains a Devi ...

Punganur Lake

Lake/River/Water body in Yelagiri

Punganoor Lake is one of the magnificent and popular places in Yelagiri. The tranquil atmosphere and lush green park adjoining will give you a pleasant ...

Jalagamparai Falls

Waterfall in Yelagiri
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Jalagamparai waterfalls is a beautiful spot for picnic. The falls can be reached after a 1 hour trek of 6 km from Nilavoor. While flowing through the valley, ...

Velavan Temple

Temple in Yelagiri

Nestled on the lofty mountains, Velavan Temple is one of the famous religious places in Yelagiri. It was built in the remembrance of Lord Murugan. The ...

Vainu Bappu Observatory

Place to Visit in Yelagiri

is an astronomical observatory owned and operated by Indian Institute of Astrophysics . Vainu Bappu Observatory offers tourists an insight into the ...

Moksha Vimochana Temple

Temple in Yelagiri

Moksha Vimochana Temple was founded by a saint and dates back to 14 years. Located near the Nilavoor Lake, the temple displays example of the local architecture...

Kodai Vizha Thidal

Park in Yelagiri

Kodai Vizha Thidal is home to a park, which allures many tourists for enjoying varied activities.

Government Herbal Farm

Place to Visit in Yelagiri

Government Herbal Farm is located in the vicinity of the Punganoor Lake. Maintained by the forest department, the farm is home to many herbals used in the ...

Telescope Viewpoint

Place to Visit in Yelagiri

Telescope Viewpoint is located at the entrance of the ghat road that has been established for enabling tourists to view the deep slope, green valley and ...

Jalagandeeswar Temple

Temple in Yelagiri

Jalagandeeswar Temple is located in the center of the Vellore fort. The beauty of the temple lies in the spectacular life like carvings and relief sculptures ...

Nilavoor Tribal Village

Place to Visit in Yelagiri

The Nilavoor adds more beauty to Yelagiri. The Nilavoor stands as one, which has the olden cultures and customs in the new modern era. During the whole night of...