Popular golf courses and clubs in Bologna

Here's a list of Popular golf courses and clubs in Bologna recommended by our experts:

Bologna Golf Club

Via Alfonso Sabattini, 69, 40050 Monte San Pietro Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39 051 969100

The Golf Club Bologna is history, tradition, and is even more: it is the oldest club of those who continue "hereditarily" the will of its founder.

$ 68 average cost

Emilia Romagna Golf

Via Evangelisti, 4 48015 - Cervia (RA) - Italy , Bologna
Phone: +39 0544.916.280

In Bologna, seat of the oldest Italian university (eleventh century), there are countless monuments of great artistic value. Some examples include the ancient ... more

$ 40 average cost

Casalunga Golf & Resort

Via Cà Bel Fiore, 8, 40055 Castenaso Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39 051 605 0164

The Casalunga Golf Club offers an attractive and easy route, mostly flat comprising a lake created by the filling of an old stone quarry. It winds today, a ... more

$ 85 average cost

Golf Club Molino Del Pero

Via Molino Del Pero 323, 40035 Monzuno Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39 051 677 0506

Playing golf is a wonderful way to enjoy nature, improve your concentration, challenge yourself and sharpen your skills. Every year, more and more people are ... more

$ 1 average cost

Golf Club Le Fonti

Viale Terme, 1800, 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39 516 951 958

1810km from Imola, 20km from Bologna

$ 57 average cost

Golf Club Bologna

Golf Club Bologna, Via Sabattini 69 I-40050 Monte San Pietro (BO)
Phone: +39 51 969 100

1815km from Bologna, 100m above sea level Il Golf Club Bologna è storia, è tradizione e ancor più: è il circolo più antico tra quelli che continuano «... more

Bologna Fiere

Via della Fiera, 20 , Bologna
Phone: ☎ +39 051.282.111

Culinary Institute of Bologna For Foodies (CIBO) (Bologna Cooking School), Via Augusto Righi 30B (near the Due Torri), ☎ +39 0510566087 (cookingclassesinbologna... more