Best places to eat in Bologna

Here's a list of Best places to eat in Bologna recommended by our experts:

Aires Del Plata

Via dell'abbadia 4 , Bologna
Phone: +39051239846

Aware of the goodness of the meat de las pampas and with a passion for food and wine, in 2005 we decided to bring in Bologna the same quality and taste of our ... more

$ 34 average cost 97 wishlists

America Graffiti

Via Paolo Borsellino, 16, 40056 Crespellano Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39051964907

American Graffiti was founded in 2008 by a passion for cooking, the United States of America and rock and roll.In all american diner America Graffiti can ... more

$ 24 average cost 4 wishlists

Asian Fusion Mizuumi

Via Emilia, 169/C, 40068 San Lazzaro di Savena Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39051454945

The restaurant Mizuumi fusion restaurant, the new Japanese restaurant, Thai and Chinese in Bologna, by merging the pleasure of taste with that of aesthetics: ... more

$ 11 average cost 2 wishlists

Baba Masala

via Broccaindosso, 79, 40125 , Bologna
Phone: 39 051 269009

Baba Masala is a restaurant very cozy whose dishes I have conquered. The dining room is elegantly decorated in Indian style.While choosing what to eat from ... more

$ 36 average cost 35 wishlists

Antichi Sapori

Strada Maggiore, 23, 40125 Bologna, Italy
Phone: +39051711530


$ 13 average cost 7 wishlists

Bio Vegetariano Centro Natura

Via degli Albari, 6, 40126 , Bologna
Phone: +39051235643

Restaurant of the Nature Center , a space dedicated to wellness activities located in the historic center of Bologna , is an organic vegetarian... more

$ 29 average cost 1 wishlists

Brazil Grill Tropical

Via Bruno Tosarelli, 342/2, 40055 Castenaso Bologna, Italy
Phone: 39 051 781820

e Brazilian restaurant was born in Brazil Grill Tropical Villanova Castenaso (Bologna) in 2007. In May 2013, the new management took over and Giampaolo ... more

$ 40 average cost 61 wishlists

Caffetteria Al Salam

Via Centotrecento, 24, 40126 Bologna, Italy
Phone: 39 051 244173

Al Salam is possible to taste good food Palestinian. The choice between the specialties is very wide, ready for any need. You go from mixed dishes (eg Mansaf) ... more

$ 39 average cost 1 wishlists

Circolo Mazzini

Via Emilia Levante, 6, 40139 Bologna, Italy
Phone: 39 051 309326

The places to be inhabited, lived, discovered. Just like the Circle Mazzini, who in addition to Trattoria Emiliana, and hosts the program, a number of ... more

$ 23 average cost 1 wishlists


Via dell'Indipendenza, 24, 40121 Bologna, Italy
Phone: 39 051 231302

The Diana on Via Indipendenza is probably the most famous restaurant in the city but now it is a pale shadow of what it once was, though still high on old world... more

$ 10 average cost