Popular Museums in Ajmer

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Ajmer recommended by our experts:

Government Museum

Museum in Ajmer

The museum is among the most frequently visited Museums in Ajmer and is an essential part of the Tours to Ajmer. The Ajmer Government Museum is located in the ...

Archaeological Museum

Museum in Ajmer
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The museum is home to the dug up material from Rairh, Bairat, Sambhar, Nagar and other destinations. In addition to this, sculptures and inscriptions gathered ...

Akbar's Palace & Museum

Museum in Ajmer

But any history lover who is interested in Mughul History should not miss this Akbar's palace. Now it houses a museum.This is the place where prince Jehangir ...

Bharatpur Museum

Museum in Ajmer

Bharatpur Government Museum consists sculptures from the escavation of old villages. Some of the old villages are Noh, Mallah, Bareh, Bayana etc. that range ...

Mayo College And Museum

Museum in Ajmer

The Mayo College, Ajmer is also called the "Eton Of India" form the time it was founded. Mayo College was built with an aim to provide the leaders of the ...

Other Recommendations

Ajmer, India

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Ajmer is the 5th largest city in Rajasthan and is the centre of the eponymous Ajmer District. Ajmer is the sacred city of Muslims, is one of the popular ...

Ajmer Sharif Dargah

Place to Visit in Ajmer
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Dargah Sharif or Ajmer Sharif is a sufi shrine of sufi saint, Moinuddin Chishti (RA) located at Ajmer, Rajasthan, India. The shrine has the grave (Maqbara) of ...

Daulat Khana

Place to Visit in Ajmer

Daulat Khana is a huge rectangular palace, which has now been converted into a Government Museum. The museum houses a large collection of Mughal and Rajput ...

Foy Sagar Lake

Lake/River/Water body in Ajmer

Foy Sagar Lake small lake in the city amid aravali hillocks makes the whole Ajmer city look unbelievably beautiful.