Popular Museums in Guangzhou

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Guangzhou recommended by our experts:

Guangdong New Museum

Museum in Guangzhou

The new Guangdong Museum is one of the 'Ten Works' of Guangdong Province and one of its three landmark cultural facilities. Covering a gross floor area of 66,...

Chen Family Temple - Guangdong Folk Art Museum

Museum in Guangzhou
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Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family is also called Chen Clan Academy or Chen's Lineage Hall which was a place both for offering up sacrifices to ancestors and ...

Guangdong Museum Of Art (yuexiu District)

Museum in Guangzhou
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This art museum features 30,000 hand-size clay figures in a miniature Asian Field. T he general audience with valid documents (ID card, student ID card, ...

Guangdong Science Center

Museum in Guangzhou

Guangdong Science Center of Guangdong provincial government approved the construction of large-scale scientific activities, with science education, science ...

Guangzhou Museum Of Art

Museum in Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Museum of Art, located in the Yuexiu Park and containing the Zhenhai Tower, is a small museum on a hill overlooking Guangzhou from the north. When...

Liwan Museum

Museum in Guangzhou

The Liwan Museum is an integrated museum collecting, displaying and studying objects relating to Xiguan's history, culture and customs. It stands on the site of...

Panyu Museum

Museum in Guangzhou
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The Panyu Museum, located at the eastern foot of the Turtle Hillock on Yinping Road in Panyu District, is a well-equipped district government affiliated museum...

Guangzhou Space Wonders

Place to Visit in Guangzhou

This place has been sinking fast, and every day passing through it. Every time the bus passes are watching lazy formwork units, according to friends that have ...