Top things to do in Guangzhou

Here's a list of Top things to do in Guangzhou recommended by our experts:

Cycle Canton-guangdong

29 Jianshe 5 road, Guangzhou 510060, China
Phone: 15626406926

They believe that Guangzhou is an astounding and charming city with beauty around every corner. Guangzhou does not have a Forbidden City or a Great Wall but it ... more

$ 100 average cost

Pearl River Night Cruise

Pearl River, Guangzhou
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Pearl River Night Cruise Dashatou Pier Tianzi Pier and Xidi Pier. This is a one to two hour cruise in the evening and a great way to see the Guangzhou skyline... more

Guangzhou One Day Tour

Join this full day tour of Guangzhou and experience the local culture as well as visiting the most popular attractions on offer in the city of Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Half Day Tour (pm)

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Start at the palace-like Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Completed in 1931 on the site of the original presidential house, the Memorial Hall is dedicated to its ... more

$ 50 average cost

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice (冬至, 过冬 dōng-zhì), which literally means the Coming of Winter is on December 22nd. Traditionally, Cantonese people observe the day with a family... more

Double Ninth Festival

Double Ninth Festival (重阳节) is on the 9th day of 9th lunar month, usually in October. Cantonese has the tradition of hiking up Baiyun Mountain. This is also the... more

Tomb Sweeping Day

Tomb Sweeping Day (清明节 qīng-míng-jié) is around the spring equinox, usually on April 5th. Involves visits to the family tombs for cleaning and making offerings.

Pearl River Cruise

Come and board this colourful night cruise, sailing along the Pearl river of Guangzhou accompanied by the dazzling night view and a delicious buffet.