Popular Museums in Recife

Here's a list of Popular Museums in Recife recommended by our experts:

Paco Do Frevo

Museum in Recife

A very nice and deserved tribute to the Frevo and Recife´s carnival. Near the Marco Zero, the surroundigs are full of history and nice places to visit. Try the ...

Museu Cais Do Sertao

Museum in Recife

A wnderful place. It seems to be expanding. It worths the visit even if you are not interesting in this kind of stuff! Excellent place.Sophisticated and modern ...

Embaixada Dos Bonecos Gigantes

Museum in Recife
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THE EMBASSY of Pernambuco Dolls of Olinda Giants came the great need of tourism in Recife and Olinda possess a structured and Recife receiving tourists to ...

Homem Do Nordeste Museum

Museum in Recife

The Museum of Man in the Northeast is a museum Brazil located in the city of Recife . Founded in 1979 , it was created from the collections of the ...

Fundacao Gilberto Freyre

Museum in Recife

Beautiful house and grounds not too far from the Recife urban area. The house is frozen in time, with elements varying from the 50s or earlier, up to the late ...

Cidade Do Recife Museum

Museum in Recife

Recife's City Museum is housed in the Forte das Cinco Pontas (Five-Pointed Fort), built by the Dutch in 1630. It exhibits old maps and historic photos but could...

Pernambuco State Museum

Museum in Recife

Established in 1940, this museum is housed in a 19th century mansion which originally belonged to Dr. Augusto Frederico de Oliveira. The museum inhabits space ...

Mamulengo Museum

Museum in Recife

The entire trajectory of mamulengo in the Northeast, from its beginning to the present day, can be seen through puppets, belongings scene and coming musical ...

Other Recommendations

Recife City Museum

Museum in Recife

Recife City Museum (Museu da Cidade do Recife), Forte das Cinco Pontas - São José (Centro), ☎ 81 3224-8492. Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM, Sat-Sun 1PM-5PM. Located inside the...

Recife Antigo

Place to Visit in Recife

Recife Antigo ( Old Recife) is the historical section of central Recife . It is located on the Island of Recife, near the Recife harbor. This historic area has...