Popular places for shopping antiques in Malacca

Here's a list of Popular places for shopping antiques in Malacca recommended by our experts:

The Orangutan House

Shopping Place in Malacca

The Orangutan House, 59 Lorong Hang Jebat. ☎+60 6 282 6872, [14]) has cool T-shirts as well as paintings for sale.

Galerie Seni Raykat - Lovely Art

Monument in Malacca

Wandered past this gallery and decided to go in and was so glad I did. Called the Folk Art Gallery it was definitely worth a visit to see what art is being ...

Joe's Design

Shopping Place
YouthFor WomenArt And CultureFriends

Based in Malacca, Malaysia. Joe's Design created a wide range of unique handmade jewellery of the exquisite works. Visit our online shop; you will discover ...

Hueman Studio

Shopping Place in Malacca
YouthFor WomenArt And CultureWeekends

Each of these artworks are painstakingly designed with precision and exquisiteness. They are HAND CARVED & HAND PRINTED and signed to verify that each artwork ...

Malacca Antiques & Curios

Shopping Place in Malacca

This shop specializes in imported Chinese porcelain ware and Straits Chinese antiques. The interiors of the shop are cluttered with a wide array of porcelain ...

Other Recommendations

Kowloon Antique Shop

Shopping Place in Malacca

This shop looks as used as the broken porcelain displayed in the conspicuous glass cabinet at the shopfront. Occupying two shop units, the variety and quantity ...

Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre

Shopping Place in Malacca

Mahkota Parade Shopping Centre, (located in Bandar Hilir opposite Padang Pahlawan), +60 6 282 6151, (10AM-10PM). as over 200 shops and anchor tenants are ...

Nil Six Studio/mlackeny Der

Shopping Place in Malacca

Nil Six Studio/ Mlackeny Der is Malacca's local concept store based on Malacca themed tee shirts. Run by Stanley Chin, the store sells t-shirts which are 100% ...

Jonker Walk Night Market

Shopping Place in Malacca

Jonker Walk Night Market - Jalan Hang Jebat. There are an endless range of souvenirs, antiques and crafts throughout the market, some which are unique to ...

Beyond Treasures

Shopping Place

Beyond Treasures, 57 Jonker St, 12 noon-8PM. Woodcrafts, including Asian masks, antiques and souvenirs.

Lagenda Antik

Shopping Place in Malacca

This store is worth visiting even for the most casual tourist. Done up in the style of a Straits Chinese house, the interior presents an enriching display of ...