Popular places to have Indian food in Mae Sot

Here's a list of Popular places to have Indian food in Mae Sot recommended by our experts:

Sara's Restaurant

Restaurant in Mae Sot

Sara's Family Restaurant was established in May of 2003 and is locally owned and operated. The restaurant is named after the owner's oldest daughter. Sara's ...

Other Recommendations

Mai Thai

Restaurant in Mae Sot

Mai Thai. Lovely place to eat and drink. The Thai owner and chef cooks each dish to order according to her northern Thai roots. Open early for "after-work" ...

Opposite T Corner

Restaurant in Mae Sot

Opposite T Corner (Fishtank, due to its location next to an aquarium shop). Good Thai food. Don't be put off by the décor and TV soaps as the food is all ...

Coffee Corner

Cafe in Mae Sot

Coffee Corner, (at DK Plaza opposite DK Hotel on Intharakiree Rd). Thai, Burmese and Western food. Comfortable with friendly staff and Bu, the owner, speaks ...

The Passport @ Hctc

Restaurant in Mae Sot

The Passport @ HCTC, ☎ +66 83 2147716. Th F Sa nights. Call for reservation.. Vocational restaurant run by the Hospitality & Catering Training Centre, a charity...

Night Market

Restaurant in Mae Sot

Night Market is terrific for late diners as the open air shops stay open quite late. All Thai food with English menus.

Sp Kitchen

Restaurant in Mae Sot

SP Kitchen, (left side of the Asian Hwy heading towards the border with Burma.). Delicious Burmese, Thai and Western food.  

Krua Canadian Cafe

Cafe in Mae Sot

Krua Canadian Cafe, (centre of Mae Sot, opposite the police station on the western route of Inthrakiree Rd). 07:00-. European, Mexican and Thai menu. The owner ...

Peace Cafe

Cafe in Mae Sot

Peace Cafe, (Sawanwithi Rd in town centre, at the traffic light of Intharakiri Rd, just round the corner from the VIP bus stop to Bangkok), [3]. 09:00-21:00. ...